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An Epic Waterway Wedding in the Gold Coast: Crystal & Tim's Unforgettable Day

From warm days on land, to balmy nights at sea - this was one epic Gold Coast wedding...

A newlywed couple in front of their wedding chapel with two muscle cars
Crystal & Tim

Hey there, party people and lovebirds! Grab your sunglasses, because we're about to embark on a wild ride through Crystal and Tim's unforgettable wedding in the Gold Coast. With a stunning waterside chapel, a yacht cruise in tow, and friends from near and far, this celebration was one for the books!

Setting Sail for Love

On the bright and sunny October 27th, 2022, Crystal and Tim said "I do" at a breathtaking waterside chapel nestled on the scenic Broadwater. Surrounded by stunning views, their love radiated as they exchanged heartfelt vows and sealed their commitment with a kiss. Talk about #WeddingGoals!

Party Time

Crystal was set on keep the ceremony short and sweet. So, as the ceremony concluded, the festivities began! Crystal and Tim, being the adventurous souls they are, decided to treat their guests to an epic yacht cruise around the mesmerising Gold Coast waterways. Nothing says 'celebration' like being surrounded by crystal-clear waters and panoramic scenic beauty!

Love & Laughter

Crystal and Tim's wedding was an all-out extravaganza of fun and laughter. Friends from all corners of the globe (but especially New Zealand - shout out to all my bros!) flocked to the Gold Coast to witness their love story, creating an electrifying atmosphere that was hard to match. The excitement was palpable, as everyone came together to honour and celebrate this amazing couple.

Anima Visual Captures the Magic

Let's not forget our unsung hero – The photographer! Anima Visual, a close friend of Crystal and Tim, were entrusted with immortalising every candid moment of the Ceremony, from the heartfelt first step down the aisle to the truly EPIC HAKA that came shortly after the couple said 'I Do'. But once the reception was done, it was camera's down (brides orders) and time to party with the crew.

A Dream Destination

Known for its golden beaches, iconic skyline, and vibrant energy, the Gold Coast proved to be the ultimate backdrop for Crystal and Tim's wedding extravaganza. This Australian gem provided the perfect combination of natural beauty and urban charm, leaving guests awe-inspired throughout the entirety of the celebration. The crew ended up at the beautifully renovated Surfers Pavilion on the water, where they had their own private area ready to embrace whatever came their way. Let's just say, the bar tab had to be extended within the first 20 minutes!

Memories to Last a Lifetime

As the day came to a close, hearts were full, and memories were forever etched in the minds of every guest. Crystal and Tim's wedding left an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to witness their love story. From exchanging vows at the waterside chapel to sailing through the picturesque Gold Coast waterways, this celebration was truly one for the ages.


And just like that, the celebration had to come to an end. But the magic and memories created in the Gold Coast will never fade. Crystal and Tim's wedding was a testament to the power of love, friendship, and creating unforgettable moments.

A bridal party on the Gold Coast in front of a white chapel

So, here's to Crystal and Tim, and their epic Gold Coast wedding! Cheers to a lifetime of love, laughter, and adventures yet to come.

If you're ready to book your own epic Gold Coast wedding - reach out and let's do this thing!

Until then x

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