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Belly Laughs and Rainy-Day Romance: Ebony & Hugh's Epic Wedding at 'Fins At Plantation House'

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

How to Rock a Rainy Day Wedding Without Melting... Literally!

A bride smiling whilst her new husband kisses her cheek

At Anima Visual, we've had the incredible privilege of documenting countless love stories, but Ebony and Hugh's rainy day wedding at Fins At Plantation House in Northern Rivers NSW, was nothing short of epic.

This awesome, fun-loving couple brought classic elegance, belly laughs, and an undying spirit of celebration to their big day, regardless of the rain. And what makes this wedding even more special is that it marked the grand finale of our Wedding Season for the year.

Capturing Classic Beauty

Ebony and Hugh's wedding was a timeless affair, radiating classic beauty at every turn. The breathtaking venue, Fins At Plantation House, provided the perfect backdrop for their love story to unfold. With sweeping views and lush landscapes, this location was nothing short of a photographer's dream.

A Love Story Like No Other

Ebony and Hugh's love for each other was palpable, and we were there to capture every stolen glance, every sweet smile, and every heartfelt moment. Their chemistry and deep connection made our job as wedding photographers and videographers an absolute joy. The stories that came out during speeches were nothing short of hilarious - let's just leave it at that!

Rain Couldn't Dampen Spirits

While the skies may have opened up, it couldn't dampen the spirits of Ebony and Hugh's celebration. In fact, it added a unique charm to the day - and the guests didn't mind having a laugh in the light downpours, which is a huge testament to Ebony and Hugh themselves. Their love was a shining light that outshone the weather, creating beautiful, candid moments nobody will ever forget.

A Grand Finale

This wedding was extra special for us at Anima Visual as it marked the last of our Wedding Season for the year. It was the perfect way to close the chapter on an incredible year filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Relive the Magic

We invite you to relive the magic of Ebony and Hugh's wedding through our stunning photographs and video. Their day was a testament to the power of love, fun, and celebrating in the face of unexpected weather.

Thank you, Ebony and Hugh, for letting Anima Visual be a part of your beautiful day and for making it an unforgettable experience. And thank you to the amazing team of vendors who made this rainy day wedding at Fins At Plantation House one for the ages!

Here's to more love stories and epic celebrations like yours in the years to come!

Until then x


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