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Pets at Weddings: Making Your Special Day Pawsitively Amazing

From the furry and fabulous, to the scaly and stoic - when it comes to pets at weddings, for us it's a no brainer...

An excited dog on her owners wedding day

Hey there, lovebirds!

Are you planning the wedding of your dreams? Have you ever considered including your furry, feathered, or even scaly friends on your special day? We're here to tell you why having pets at weddings can transform your celebration into an extraordinary experience you and your guests will never forget - and take your wedding photography to the next level.

At Anima Visual, we've witnessed the incredible joy and endless entertainment that wedding pets bring. From wagging tails to cute meows, here are some reasons why having pets at weddings can add that extra dose of enchantment to your big day:

Unconditional Love and Support

Pets are known for their unwavering love and support. Having them by your side on your wedding day can provide a sense of comfort and reduce stress. Plus, they'll offer constant cuddles, ensuring you feel loved and calm throughout the day.

Picture-Perfect Moments

Let's face it, wedding photography is all about capturing those candid and heartwarming moments. Adding pets to the mix naturally creates picture-perfect opportunities. Imagine a shot of your dog with a big smile, donning a wedding bowtie or your cat gracefully walking down the aisle. These priceless moments will be cherished for years to come.

Unique Wedding Party Members

Forget about traditional flower girls and ring bearers. Including your pet in the wedding party can add a unique and personalised touch to your celebration. Whether they're the official "Best Dog" or the "Maid of Purr-honor," they'll steal the show and bring laughter and joy to everyone present.

A small French bull dog waiting patiently at a wedding ceremony

Memorable Walks Down the Aisle

Just imagine the excited gasps and "awws" as your beloved pet makes an entrance down the aisle, wearing a pet-friendly wedding attire or carrying a special message. This adds an element of surprise and brings a smile to the faces of your guests. Plus, it creates a lasting memory that truly reflects your personalities as a couple.

Fun Wedding Props

Incorporating your pets into wedding props can be a delightful addition. From custom signage stating "Dog of Honour" or "Here Comes Trouble" to personalised bandanas or pet-themed decorations, your furry friends can add an extra touch of whimsy and playfulness to your wedding décor.

Promotes Guest Interaction

Pets have a way of bringing people together and breaking the ice. Their presence can encourage guests to mingle and have conversations centred around your adorable companions. Your wedding will become a pet-friendly paradise where everyone can bond over their love for animals.


Remember, to ensure a smooth experience, consider the comfort and well-being of your pets. Prepare them for the big day with training and introduce them to the venue beforehand. Also, have a designated pet handler who can take care of their needs throughout the festivities, making sure they're well-taken care of.

A beautiful cat at a wedding

So, if you're a pet parent, don't hesitate to involve your furry friend in your wedding celebration. They will make your day unforgettable, createjoyous memories, and provide endless entertainment for you and your guests.

At Anima Visual, we specialize in capturing the magic of pets at weddings. Our experienced wedding photographers have mastered the art of documenting the unique bond between couples and their pets. We understand that your pets are family, and we're committed to snapping those perfect shots that showcase your love as a couple, alongside your adorable animal companions.

Ready to capture those pawsome moments?

Contact Anima Visual to book your wedding photography session and let us help you document your day in the most heartwarming and magical way possible. It's time to make your wedding day truly amazing by adding some furry love into the mix!

Until then x

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